To cancel a ride, a passenger must call prior to the vehicle arriving at the pick-up location. Canceling in advance allows schedulers the opportunity to redirect vehicles to other passengers needing service.
Effective Date: January 30, 2023

Early Cancellation

You can either cancel using the app on your smartphone or by phone.

To cancel a ride by phone:

  • Call 785-783-7000 and select option #5 for MOD service.
  • Speak to the person answering or leave a message on the voicemail.
  • Give your name and telephone number.
  • Give the date and pick-up time of the ride(s) to be canceled.
  • Give the address of the pick-up and destination locations.
  • If possible, provide the reason for canceling.



A ride is considered a no-show when:

  • The vehicle arrives at the designated location at the pick-up time and the passenger does not show up or is not ready to board within five (5) minute wait period. The vehicle will wait five (5) minutes from time the vehicle arrives. 
  • The passenger cancels with the driver upon the vehicle’s arrival at the pick-up location.


If a passenger is a no-show, any other scheduled trips for that day will be automatically cancelled.


A pattern or practice of no-shows will result in suspension of MOD service.


Suspension of Service

A pattern or practice is generally defined as two (2) or more no-shows. The suspension period will last for four (4) weeks.


Passengers who have had service suspended twice will no longer be permitted to use the service.